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Applying for reimbursement status and reasonable wholesale price

Reimbursement status and reasonable wholesale price are processed in the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board upon application. Provisions on applications are laid down in the Health Insurance Act and the Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on applications and price notifications made to the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board. Separate application forms and instructions have been prepared for medicinal products, clinical nutritional preparations and basic ointments.

The forms can be used with Adobe Reader 7.0. Problems may occur when using older versions of Adobe Reader. The latest version can be downloaded here .

Pre-formatted Excel tables should be used for the attachments to an application. Additional instructions are added to the tables with Excel’s comment function. Tables have tabs for different thematic entities. Table rows, columns and tabs can be added or removed as necessary.

In the application of an authorised medicinal product, the applicant is the holder of the marketing authorisation. In the application of a special license product, the applicant is the manufacturer, importer, pharmaceutical wholesaler, pharmacy or patient, and in the application of a clinical nutritional preparation or basic ointment, the applicant is the manufacturer or marketer.

Authorised medicinal products

Application for reimbursement status and reasonable wholesale price

Application for reimbursement status in reference price system


Other instructions

Non-registered medicinal products with special licence

For patients and pharmacies 

For manufacturers, importers and wholesalers


Clinical nutritional preparations