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Price notifications

In the reference price system, the holders of marketing authorisation must submit price notifications four times a year, at least 21 days before the start of each reference price period. If the holder of the marketing authorisation does not submit the price notification within the time stipulated, the medicinal product’s reimbursability will terminate at the beginning of the reference price period.

Price notifications are submitted to the Social Insurance Institution (Kela). In the price notification, the holder of the marketing authorisation must provide their medicinal products’ wholesale prices valid at the beginning of the reference price period. They must also inform whether the products are generally available at the moment of submitting the notification and during the next reference price period. In connection with submitting the price notification, a company may also submit a notification on withdrawing a product subject to the price notification procedure under the reference price system from the reimbursement system.

A price notification is submitted either

  • by using an online form in the electronic services of Kela,
  • as a file (the company shall contact Kela for further arrangements) or
  • in exceptional circumstances on a paper form (for example if the company does not have a business ID).

Kela conveys the price notifications to the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board and organisations responsible for maintaining price data.  Kela’s electronic price notification service becomes available at the latest 30 days before the start of the reference price period. The electronic services of Kela are accessed with Katso Identification. A company can request a Katso ID from the Finnish Tax Administration.

If a medicinal product is included in the sphere of the price notification procedure but it is not visible in Kela’s electronic service, contact Kela or submit the price notification to Kela on a paper form.