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Termination of a reference price group and transition period

If the requirements for the forming of a previously valid reference price group are not met when a new reference price period is being determined, the reference price group will cease to exist at the start of the next reference price period. The discontinuation can be caused by, for example, the removal of a medicinal product from the generic substitution system, expiration of marketing authorisation, the removal from the market, changes in the availability of a medicinal product, or the termination of reimbursability due to failure to submit the required price notifications.

When a reference price group is terminated, the reimbursement status and wholesale price of medicinal products that belonged to the reference price group will remain valid for a maximum of one year after the end of the reference price period (so called transition period). The Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board maintains a list of medicinal products currently in the middle of a reference price system transition period.

If the holder of the marketing authorisation wishes that the medicinal product remains reimbursable even after the transition period, they shall submit an application for reimbursement status and wholesale price during the transition period. The holder of the marketing authorisation shall also submit a price notification for each quarter of the year during the transition period to maintain reimbursement status. A medicinal product may be re-included in the reference price system during the transition period, if the requirements for forming the reference price group are met in the future.